Side effects of clenbuterol

It is important to understand that all medications have a negative or adverse potential to their users. The die effects usually manifest differently according to the individual predispositions of the patients, nature of doing and the purity of the product that is being used. These factors determine how severe the side effects can be for a particular medication. It is important to note that clenbuterol does not have the anabolic steroid effects as is the common misconception. It is not a steroid. It is rather categorized together with the steroids due to the performance enhancing nature of the clenbuterol drug. Most of these side effects are controllable with responsible use of the drug. The side effects from this drug are not life threatening. This article will look at some of the side effects that a user can experience when using clenbuterol in their cycle. The side effects can be categorized into;

Side effects of clenbuterol that are stimulating.

The bronchodilation properties of the drug is what brings bout most of the stimulating side effects of clenbuterol. The users of this drug may therefore experience being jittery, shaking hand and an uncomfortable feeling especially when starting the clenbuterol cycle. Some users may also experience some level of insomnia from the use of the drug. Since the body is stimulated, it can be difficult to sleep. Because of the insomnia (, it is advisable that the people taking the drug should avoid taking the drug late in the day. Early doses will allow the stimulating properties to wane by the time you go to sleep.

Clenbuterol side effects that are painful.

Some of the people who are using clenbuterol may experience muscle cramps. This is because the medication depletes the levels of taurine and many of the users already have some electrolyte deficiencies. These cramps can be painful but also avoidable. One of the ways to avoid muscle cramps is to stay well hydrated at all times. Moreover, you can also use some taurine supplements to keep the taurine levels up and prevent the cramps.

Dangerous clenbuterol side effects.

There are several concerns about the drugs that are used to enhance performance. This is because some of them can have adverse effects on some specific body organs. This sometimes may cause a serious health complication when the drug is not properly used. In the case of clenbuterol, the main concerns raised are with regards to the drug’s effects on the heart. This is because there has been research that has shown that the drug is capable of causing cardiac hypertrophy. This is a condition that causes the enlargement of ventricles.

For this reason, the people who are taking the drug to adhere to responsible use of the drug. Those who use the drug without regard to the health effects may soon suffer serious health complications relating to the heart. The doses of the drug should be moderate and for moderate periods of time. These steps will help you to get the desired effects of the drug with minimal risks to your health.

Side effects are usually related to the dosage involved. If you notice a lot of side effects simply lower the dosage and the sides will usually subside within a day or 2. Clenbuterol is a potent fat burner and should be taken seriously, the fat loss benefits from this type of drug can be great if your diet is on point and your cardio as well. It is not a magic fat loss drug that you can just take and expect to drop weight overnight, hard work  and dedication is required to get the full benefit of clenbuterol.